Proposed Standards for CYP IAPT Compliant Services

07 April, 2014

The National Accreditation Council for CYP IAPT, through a Service Development Task and Finish group (including representation from Youth Access) have developed a set of values and standards for services (not individuals) to demonstrate their compliance with the principles of the CYP IAPT service transformation programme.

The intention is for these standards and values to be embedded in existing accreditation systems such as QNCC, ACE-V and CORC. For example, these values and standards were mapped to the Youth Wellbeing Directory (ACE-V Quality Standards) and are included in the latest revision of the QNCC (Quality Network for Community CAMHS) service standards. For a service to be accredited as excellent, they will need to demonstrate their compliance with all the CYP IAPT standards.

Before these values and standards are finalised, we would welcome your comments on the attached ‘CYP IAPT principles for CAMHS – values and standards’ document by completing and submitting the feedback survey here  by Monday 14 April 2014.

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